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The Get Smart network is the GPS for your job search. Our Expert-led supportive community is built for mid-career professionals looking to improve their lives and optimize their career journey. 

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At Get Smart, we're all about passion and purpose. Our passion and purpose is to help you Get Smart, Get Hired, and Get Paid.

Our Experts -- including Jay Tetari, David Cruyff and Johanna Martín -- have recruited for companies like Tesla, Bank of America, Microsoft, United Health and AT&T. We use our real-world experience in talent technology and hiring processes to help ambitious individuals stand out in today's competitive labor markets.

Together, we are a comprehensive resource for landing your dream job. And we're available to you with a guaranteed 24-hour response time to any of your job search needs. Let's get to work!


Searching for a job can be a lonely journey. We've been there. 

With cold-blooded hiring managers and competitive labor markets, it's easy to lose touch with your special strengths and skills as a prospective hire. That's exactly why we've organized the Get Smart Members-only community! We pick each other up, encourage, support, cheer on. We help highlight and reinforce your unique attributes as an employee. 

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